Sunday, February 16, 2014

Walking the Line (part 2)

The screening of ‘A2-B-C’ in the Thin Line Festival took place yesterday at the nostalgic Fine Arts Cinema on the square (screening INFO).  During the post-screening Q&A the audience offered challenging questions, something I always enjoy.

(Thank you to the guys from "Unleashed: a Dog-Dancing Story" WEBSITE for the Q&A photos!).

It was an honour to screen the film for an audience of such engaged film-goers and filmmakers whose work I respect so much.  This year the number of days of Thin Line is significantly fewer than in the past, and as a result, the calibre of films is phenomenal (some of my recommendations are below).

Having two friends and colleagues in the audience was an additional honour.  Award-winning documentary filmmaker Shawn Small (‘Ru: water is life’, 2013) and author Shay Youngblood whose book ‘Black Girl in Paris’ (excerpt HERE) was recently turned into a film, are coincidentally both living in the Denton area.

Some of my film recommendations from Thin Line:

Unleashed: a dog-dancing story (INFO) 83 min.
What I Hate About Myself (INFO) 28 min.
Pistols to Porn (INFO) 6 min.
The Trouble With Bread (INFO) 26 min.
Haenyeo: Women of the Sea (INFO)12 min.
Coney Island: Dreams for Sale (INFO) 80 min.
Perfect Strangers (INFO) 69 min.
Mobilizing Mozambique  (INFO) 20 min.

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