Friday, February 14, 2014

Walking the Line (part 1)

Since Wednesday I have had the honour of attending the Thin Line Film and Music Festival in Denton, Texas.  Although the festival is well-established, the 2014 edition is the first time for music to be programmed along with the documentary films.

Denton is gorgeous, and the town square, centered around an historic court house, is lined with beautiful shops and restaurants.  Home to two universities, there is a young, energetic vibe to Denton, which lends itself perfectly to hosting Thin Line.

Walking around downtown Denton, I visited shops and restaurants to ask them if I could up posters for tonight’s screening of ‘A2-B-C’ in their windows (screening INFO).  Although 'A2-B-C' is far from a "date movie", this screening happens to be falling on Valentine's Day (!).

Having had the experience of less-than-supportive communities during some other festivals in the past, I was hesitant at first... but every shop, every restaurant I entered graciously allowed me to place posters in the window and put postcards on their counters.  It was clear that the festival has the full support of the town, and I am so grateful for the welcome I have received.

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