Sunday, November 10, 2013

Let them eat cake

On the last day of the STEPS Rights Film Festival in the Ukraine (WEBSITE), a special screening of “Ali'ens: Somalis in transit” (WEBSITE) was held.  The film, about 15 year old Ali as he flees the conflict in Somalia, was produced with the support of The UN Refugee Agency.

The screening, held at a major multiplex cinema, was preceded by an exhibition about foreigners living in the Ukraine, and the entire event, along with a very fancy catered reception, was sponsored by The UN Refugee Agency in Ukraine.

Wine flowed, expensive sweets were passed, and the only meat that I saw during the entire festival was served here.  Although it was not lost on any of the filmmakers or festival staff in attendance, I wonder how many of the picture-posing representatives of the UN saw the irony.

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