Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Monkey See

Between screenings at the International Uranium Film Festival (WEBSITE), visiting directors have an opportunity to take part in excursions away from the festival venue.  Festival sponsors, including Bar Gomez and Bar du Mineiro, have ensured the visiting delegates are well-fed (and watered!), by providing local delicacies such fish and potato croquettes, and traditional dishes like beans and rice (PHOTO below).

At Bar du Mineiro with Festival Executive Director Marcia Gomes de Oliveira and Matsubayashi Yoji, director of "The Horses of Fukushima"

Yesterday, Norbert Suchanek, Festival General Director, brought visiting filmmakers to Red Beach, at the base of Sugar Loaf, for a swim in the sea.  Setting up a GoPro camera, I captured some great photos of us monkeying around.  Later, as we explored the path leading into the rainforest, we saw some actual monkeys!

Also on our tours have been other famous Rio spots, such as Copacabana, favelas (PHOTO below), and an overlook with amazing views of Sugar Loaf and the Christ, the Redeemer statue (PHOTOS of both below).

Despite the major transportation strike of last week (INFO), audience attendance has been good.  Screenings resume today and continue through the end of the week.

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