Friday, May 16, 2014

Secrets and Screenings

Yesterday, I was honoured to learn that Opposition Lawmaker Yamamoto Taro had not only gone to the cinema in Tokyo to see my film 'A2-B-C', but he had also posted about it on his Facebook page (HERE).  I am extremely grateful that he made such a public statement about going to see the film, and know that this will help to raise its profile and thus the plight of the Fukushima families it depicts.

Last autumn, I wrote about Yamamoto-san's opposition to the then-proposed "Secrecy Law" (PHOTO below, STORY HERE).  The law eventually passed, causing great concern among journalists (and filmmakers).  In March of this year, I wrote THIS article about the new law for the German publication IPPNW Forum.

Back at the film festival in Edmonton, I have had an awesome week at Global Visions (WEBSITE).  Great films, new friends, and fun talk over good wine. 

Here's to new friends and colleagues!

with Jennifer Leitham from 'I Stand Corrected' (STORY)

A rare site: two right-handed bass players (STORY), with Global Visions Board President Brad Ambury and Festival Director Guy Lavallee

Brad and Guy with wives Tammi and Tammy ("i" and "y" for short!), with Andrea and Jennifer from 'I Stand Corrected' (STORY)

After a wonderful closing screening and debriefing over diner, this morning I am at the airport again; this time on my way to Brazil for a screening of 'A2-B-C' in Rio de Janeiro's Uranium Film Festival (INFO). 

But first, despite the late night, I was up 4, packing my suitcase and getting ready for a 5am Q&A via Skype with the audience in the Tokyo theatre where the film was released last week (INFO).  I am just so extremely grateful for this opportunity to share this story with people all over the world.

I think I'll sleep on the plane...

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